H.R. International Overseas Recruitment Agency in Poland

If you are willing to find a job in Poland, then, you can consider H.R. International as your closest friend to help you achieve this goal. They can help you face any obstacles that you might encounter on foreign land. Indian youth is desperate to leave their nests, fly over oceans and step on the land of opportunities. A survey revealed that most of the workers in Poland are highly skilled and passionate and that’s what makes Poland such an impressive destination to establish a career.

As we are familiar with the fact that India is the second most populated country in the world. For the reason, unemployment is high and many Indian graduates currently seeking a career in the UK. Poland is the only European country that still untouched by the recent economic recession, good salary, low unemployment issues and rising IT skills are some of the delights offered by Poland to all the job seekers who live in largely populated countries like India. A recent growth in IT section, Finance, HR, Business services and management is transforming Poland as one of the fastest developing European country, which simply means you need to have an excellent grasp in English language and academic qualification to secure an desirable polish job. It may not be difficult to find a short-term earning in Poland, but securing a full time graduate level job is a different thing. To earn a decent living in Poland, you need assistance of recruitment professionals.

Why consider H.R. International as the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Poland?

To enhance your possibilities of securing a job in Poland, you should at least give a chance to H.R. International as they are highly dedicated and possess years of experience in providing a career in overseas. You don’t need to feel alone in Poland as they will guide you through the entire recruitment process and help you get a visa. Also, you can count on them for other formalities after arrival like finding accommodation, permission to work and assistance in any obstacle that you may face during your stay. They have a certified office in Poland from where they can directly communicate recruited employees and provide necessary legal assistance.


Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

H.R. International recruitment services are highly reputed and rated among the most credible and reliable overseas placement agencies in Mumbai. We strive to place the best candidates at their deserving locations and help them to secure their dream jobs. We are focused on delivering top-notch services in offering jobs in foreign countries including all necessary formalities like search, selection, assessment, medical and background check. We analyze the requirements of the organization and provide them with their desired candidates. In today’s highly competitive environment, everyone demands highly skilled and experienced candidates to get a competitive edge.

As we know that Mumbai is full of such great talents and the world is in a dire need of these talents. We simply strive to fill those empty offices on foreign soil with Indian candidates as quickly as possible before others get their hands on it. These companies are familiar with the potentiality of Indian candidates and looking forward to welcoming them in their professional arena.

Why H.R.  International is better than others?

H.R. International as being the most reputed Overseas Manpower recruitment Agency in Mumbai, we assure you that no other recruitment company can match our level of dedication and expertise in providing manpower services and support that we are currently delivering to all our clients.

H.R.  International has a long victorious history in bringing right people to their desired locations. Since its inception, the company intended to be cool, vibrant and instrumental in getting candidates the position they adore. H.R.  International possess cutting-edge technology, experienced staff and most importantly, offices in foreign lands like Dubai, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Nepal, etc. so that you don’t feel alone on foreign land and help directly comes to you whenever you are in need of it.

Poland – A Worthwhile Choice for Gaining Higher Education

If facing dilemma to choose Poland as the study destination then remain optimistic and believe the fact that this place would turn out the right choice for your future. Though a developed and advanced European country, still the cost of living is affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to other regions of the European Union. It is a safe place to study since, it has so far maintained lowest crime rate in Europe. Furthermore, the degree obtained from the universities of Poland is accepted and recognised all across the globe, and these offer a broad selection of courses and specializations with attractive tuition fees.

H.R. International Europe, Poland aims to provide the young aspiring Indian youths an opportunity to gain a European degree at highly affordable fee structure. The students can register both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme without IELTS. Our intent remains to provide our students admission in the renowned prestigious universities of Poland, and offer them part-time jobs that would them to earn their livelihood while pursuing their education. This would help them make international contacts and adjust themselves according to the working culture practised in the European countries. Thus, they will not only be benefited financially but this would help them grow professionally as well. We are recognised as the Best Overseas Job Recruitment Agency in Delhi, and through H.R. International Europe, our intent is to achieve a high reputation in the educational consultation and deliver the best support and cooperation to the students at every step of their admission process.

Work While Studying in Poland

One can work while studying in Poland. This would not only help an individual to earn money for meeting his daily expenses but would also help him improve his professional skills. He will be offered a chance to meet different people and at the same time gain working experience in the European nation. There are majority of jobs in which command over Polish language is not considered an essential requisite, and individual will get a chance to explore the history, culture, lifestyle and the working culture of this nation.

We, through H.R. International Europe aim to facilitate such class of individuals through ‘earning while learning’ programme where students from all fields can apply for admission in the prestigious universities of Poland, and can apply for part-time jobs that would not only provide them a helping hand in meeting their expenses but would also provide them experience of working in the European nation. This will provide weightage to their resume and increase their chances of getting picked both by the national and overseas organisations. We are recognised as the most renowned Educational Consultants and Overseas Job Recruitment Agency in India, and our belief is to occupy the same position in the European market. Our academic counselors are always available to provide detailed information about the courses selected by the students along with other necessary details, like accommodation, tuition fees, etc. They will be provided expert guidance during their admission process, and all the formalities are accurately supervised to provide the candidates a satisfactory output.

Advantages of Business Studies in Poland

Poland is a country forming a part of the European Union but the living cost here is comparatively much lower and affordable as compared to other countries in Europe. The pleasant weather, rich cultural history, and safe atmosphere are the other benefits which make it an interesting place to study, work and settle. Apart from these, the place has the lowest crime rate in Europe and the visitors can be assured to making a safe stay in the respective destination. Holding a European degree is considered as asset in both Indian and international market, and studying in Poland can offer the same at a comparatively much lower cost. Polish universities not only compete with each other to provide high quality education at an attractive tuition fees but also offers a wide range of courses.

H.R. International has established its educational consultation company in Poland with the name H.R. International Europe to facilitate the aspiring and young Indian students in gaining admission in these well-recognised European universities. The placement of these academic institutes in the international rankings reflects their reputation in the world, and the business schools in Poland are reputed for their academic expertise and the high-quality programs offered to the students provides them solid professional preparation to make them stand tall in the corporate sector. Thus, we aim to ease the tedious admission formalities completion for the students and promote higher education among the naïve youths of India. We are categorised as the Top Manpower Recruitment Agency in India, and now aspire to achieve the same reputation in the field of education consultation.

Studying in Polish Universities – Courses, Tuition Fee & Accommodation

If you are planning to make Poland, your study destination, then you are making the right decision. It becomes essential for every student to thoroughly investigate the fee and other expenses involved while preparing to pursue higher education at a Polish university. . This foreign country has a lot more to offer to its international students who aspire to receive quality education at affordable cost.

H.R. International Europe, situated in Poland is offering the Indian students the facility to gain admission in the reputed educational institutions of this foreign destination without IELTS. This place offers a wide range of courses through its highly advanced and developed universities, technical universities, colleges, academies and schools. The system of higher education can be summarized into three major cycles –

  • I cycle – Under-graduate courses
  • II cycle – Post-graduate courses
  • III cycle – Doctoral studies

If we compare the accommodation and studying cost of Poland with the other countries, then we will Poland on an affordable side. The other factors adding to the growing demand of these academic institutes among the Indian youths is their development. These university campuses are becoming more innovative and their access to State-of-the-Art labs and research centres is making them stand distinctive from the crowd.

Therefore, H.R. International, a renowned Overseas Job Recruitment Agency in India is now planning to provide educational consultation to the young and bright students of India through H.R. International Europe, Poland. Our aim remains to frame bright and prosperous careers through our comprehensive admission assistance.

Our Aim- Placement of Skilled Manpower

This competitive era makes it difficult to find a job in the reputed business organisations. At the same time, overseas organisations are also offering numerous employment opportunities to the qualified and talented Indian youths. But, the major drawback encountered in finding a reliable recruitment agency which can facilitate this entire employment process in a smooth manner.

H.R. International, ever since its initiation in the year 2005, has worked effectively towards the placement of qualified and skilled manpower in the overseas market and has established the reputation of the most reputed Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in New Delhi. We are categorised as the provider of reliable human resource placement solutions, functional both in the domestic and cross-border recruitment. Our experienced and professional recruitment consultants through their in-depth knowledge are providing effective and flexible employment solutions to the clients across a wide range of industries. They are well-informed with the professional requirement and the working culture of all the sectors we specialise in and have always brought the assigned projects to a successful end that offers satisfaction both to the client as well as the candidate. Our area of activity extends to various major locations all across the globe and some of our reputed clients are from Middle East, Poland, Philippines, Nepal, etc.

We have always focused on standing tall on our clients’ requirements and helping them in achieving their business goals in the specified timeframe. Their satisfaction and appreciation has always motivated us to establish our repute in this sector and make us count among the Top Manpower Agencies in Delhi. We aspire to maintain the same level of our services and deliver better that what our clients and candidates expected from our end.