H.R. International – We bring best people for all your vacant positions

As a professional and industry-ranked overseas recruitment organization, H.R. International provides skilled workers in a diverse range of business sectors with an unparalleled reach across several talent pools in major countries. The Manpower need of businesses and their demands for technically skilled workers are complex and evolving, even for the ultra-modern recruitment agencies in the industry. H.R. International has employed a revolutionary approach to simplify the overall recruitment cycle including searching, sourcing, identifying and deploying the right candidate to the right company and focus on cultivating long-lasting relations and result-oriented hiring solutions for both clients and candidates.

We believe that the collaboration of mind and heart of our clients, customers and candidates is the strength of our Recruitment Agency in India. We provide trusted and consultative service by clearly listening, analyzing and understanding the demands of our clients and in response, provide bespoke staffing solutions as per the industrial standards in diverse business sectors throughout the Gulf, Middle-east and European countries.

Now, as a Recruitment agency in Philippines, our primary focus is to develop careers and develop businesses. Philippine is a fast-growing nation with millions of young talented people and evolving multinational companies. We ensure the overall delivery of qualified recruitment services in a timely manner including document attestation, stamping and Visa services, scheduling interviews, headhunting, travel assistance as well as bear full responsibility of candidate’s safety and health, job security, organizational benefits, and welfare. Our strength as a pioneer Recruitment Agency in Philippines emanates from our distinct culture, strong and close relationship with companies and candidates we served since our inception in 2005, as well as through our competency, loyalty, business management skills, global quality standards, professional recruiters and agents, strong database and technological integration.

H.R. International was born in 2005 and emerged as a pioneering ISO marked Overseas/Domestic Recruitment agency with its head office in New Delhi, India, and extended its roots throughout European Nations and Mena regions. Overseas Manpower Consultant in India


H.R. International – One stop solution for all your recruitment needs

H.R. International globally specializes in recruitment services as a prominent manpower consulting agency situated in India. Our journey begins in 2005, when a group of innovative leaders opened the first office in the commercial heart of India, New Delhi and started serving overseas companies who have a shortage of skilled employees and require specific assistance in the matter. Since then, the company has expanded its services to the far nations of Gulf and Middle-East countries, producing a network of 25 offices all across the globe and still growing. They began their searching operations to find potential candidates for the recruitment demands of many countries in MENA regions. Vietnam is one of them who provided many countries a considerable amount of manpower strength.

Over the years, the company has grown to the level of a leading Recruitment Agency in Vietnam. The company is strongly dedicated to the complete satisfaction of both its clients and candidates who are eager for an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the international market for overseas placements, to secure a better future and obviously, to explore other countries. We are committed to providing overseas placement services to all the Vietnamese candidates who are looking forward to expand their horizons and grab a chance to explore the natural resplendence and infrastructural beauty of Middle-East countries. We are equipped with experienced recruiters or headhunters, agents, forged connections with counterpart agencies for a better selection of candidates and a wide network of operations throughout the Gulf, Middle-East and European countries. Our associate office in Vietnam is a State-of the-Art workplace fully equipped with latest technologies to serve as a prominent Recruitment Agency in Oman.              

H.R. International was born in 2005 and emerged as a pioneering ISO marked Overseas/Domestic Recruitment agency with its head office in New Delhi, India, and extended its roots throughout European Nations and Mena regions. Overseas Manpower Consultant in India

H.R. International, a Top Recruitment Agency in India

H.R.  International was introduced in the year, 2005, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified recruitment agency with the sole purpose of helping job seekers pursue opportunities beyond the boundaries they were born in. H.R. International was designed to bridge the gap between job seekers and organizations desperately looking for hard-working candidates to fulfill their organizational needs. As the top Recruitment agency in Delhi, H.R. International is globally recognized as the finest blend of dedication, focus, hard work, quality solutions, professional ethics and integrity.

The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India, the commercial heart of India, and is massively networked domestically as well as internationally, extending their roots throughout the Gulf nations, Europe and Nepal. We own the title of the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal for over 9 years including offices in almost every major city or State in India as well including Mumbai and Patna. It’s not something that happened in a fortnight, but it is the result of a single-minded dedication toward our goal to be the biggest Recruitment agency in the world.

HR International is highly popular among young generations as the most trustable and efficient recruitment service provider. With over 30000 successful placements of skilled professionals abroad, we have satisfied the heartfelt desires of 450 clients throughout the globe including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Oman, Qatar, Nepal, etc. We constantly focus on inspiring, motivating, counseling, convincing and persuading all our candidates to aim for bigger career goals.

Besides, H.R. Group of Companies deals in many other sections like diagnostics, tour and travels, construction, education and they all have a reputed online visibility and accredited by several Government agencies in their respective fields.

After 13 years of long victorious leadership, H.R. International has emerged as the terminal of manpower solutions, with an incomparable reputation. With a sprawling network of 25 associate offices throughout the world, the company has mustered an enormous client base and possesses access to the depth of Indian talent pool.

H.R. International, a pioneering name in global recruitment services

H.R. International established in the year 2005 has set a benchmark in the overseas market due to its early deployment assistance and is considered as a pioneer in quality recruitment services both in India as well as abroad. Through all these 13 glorious years of our services, we have collaborated with various leading Indian business organizations as well as multinational companies and have positioned us among the renowned recruitment agencies of New Delhi, India.

H.R. International is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS, JAS-ANZ) Certified Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency headquartered in New Delhi with a branch office located in Mumbai. We are a licensed organization running the company under the aegis of H.R. Group of Companies, and hold approval from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. We assure to provide the best overseas manpower recruitment services and our unmatched experience and supreme exposure to the recruitment procedures helps both overseas and domestic companies in recognizing the real talent which serves them with supremacy and excellence. Our strict professionalism has made us rank among the Best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agencies in India.

We cover all sectors in our employment services, viz., Construction, FMCG, IT/Software, Logistics, Transport, Shipping, Trading, Power Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and many others. We further, specialize in all categories of management, senior functional positions and executive search, like sales, marketing, finance, human resource, etc. Our well-qualified and experienced team of consultants supported by a competent team of recruitments supervisors helps us to select the best candidates for our respectable clients and achieve the deployment targets on time, which have helped us rank among the Top Recruitment Agencies in India

H.R. International – Top Recruitment Agency in India

Who doesn’t like to travel abroad, experience things what we have only seen on TVs or searched on Internet? Everyone loves to secure a career in a more economically and naturally developed country with a notable salary in a renowned overseas organization, but this employment process requires ultimate sacrifices of parting your loved ones and fulfillment of various legal and professional parameters outlined by the employer. The primary sacrifices are the financial requirements, consulting fee, scheduling interview, getting aware of legal policies related to overseas recruitment like visa clearance, passport, document attestations, preparation for skill assessments, etc. The most trustworthy option to identify the most reliable overseas recruiter is to investigate their online presence, Market reputation, learn about their experiences and clients, background check, Government accreditations, awards and appreciations, Local offices and global presence, everything can be easily accessed through an online search by investing a couple a hours and comparing several companies on the basis of testimonies, client feedbacks, photos and videos, etc.

We feel highly honored and elated to inform that our organization H.R. International, headquartered in New Delhi is among the best Recruitment Agency in Delhi comprising branch office Mumbai, making the company as the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Mumbai and has been empowered by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India holding an official license No. B-0377/DEL/PER/1000+/5/8398/2009. The company is also ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified recruitment firm. We have successfully deployed a total of 25,000 candidates in Gulf and Middle-East countries under the aegis of H.R. Group of Companies and so far maintained excellent track records in providing recruitment services in diverse business sectors including healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies. Our services are the finest blend of dedication, quality and integrity and besides being an Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency, we equally focus on our Domestic operations as well and our huge network of local/international recruiters are working day and night to hunt down the best and talented candidates which are able to well serve the organization in which they are placed.

H.R. International through it dedication and hard work has been able to achieve a respectable name in the recruitment sector and is considered as a pioneer in the business industry. The long list of our clientele is enough to describe the trustworthy relationships we have maintained with our respectable clients, and we aspire to make continuous additions to this list in the coming years as well.

Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency is the backbone of young professionals

It is very important for a country to have their local candidates get trained and secure jobs in their own country which is a crucial aspect of the economic development. But, industrialist and companies are not patient enough to wait for that long as they have a business to maintain and grow and competitors who have already stolen their comfort. Thus, they prefer overseas candidates over their local masses to enhance their business productivity and gain a competitive edge in the business industry and, in many ways; such decisions are very considerable both in public and private sectors. Due to which, many Indian candidates are suffering unemployment as there are barely any jobs left in their own surroundings, just like many other countries battling against the disguised unemployment. When a talented candidate fails to secure a decent job, they most likely are left with two options; start a business or immigrate to a more prosperous country to get a job as per their academic and professional experiences.

Significance of recruitment Consulting services

The first option depends on the financial strength of the investor which, in most cases, is the breaker of hearts whereas a second option requires immense knowledge of overseas placement policies, visa policy, legal issues, and a little investment which could be arranged easily. Well, second option is still not as simple as it seems or like recruitment agencies claim, it is something that cannot be achieved without involving or consulting an expert in the matter which honestly saying can make the process more financially bearable for you with assurance of quality outcomes of the services, and only the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency can give you this competitive edge.

H.R. International, a prominent leader in Recruitment services since 2005

In many cases, the second one is considered as the most logical and profitable alternative for the contentment of one’s global aspirations, lifestyle and career goals. H.R. International is undoubtedly the best option for the safe implementation of the “second option” as they are Government approved and globally accessible recruitment agency. They are headquartered in New Delhi and possess a sprawling network of 25 associate offices throughout the world, holding several awards, accreditations, and 13 years long experience in providing recruitment services in diverse business sectors to various Gulf and Middle-east countries which makes H.R. International one of the Top Recruitment Agencies in India.

H.R. International is a leading domestic/overseas recruitment consultant delivering quality services in international placement, multinational employment and career placement assistance and more Overseas Manpower Agency in India.

H.R. International is managing the Human resource services worldwide

H.R. International has always been the biggest fishery in the steady manpower pool of India. But sometimes, identifying and catching the biggest fish is a lengthy process requires incomparable efforts and patience. In most cases, finding the right candidate for the right opportunity is a task of great precision where an inappropriate move can dissolve your chances to attract the most valuable candidates. The competition for attracting best candidates is so potent and impenetrable that it won’t even possible to get the best results without Involving and consulting an expert in the matter. Today, Indians are everywhere like a constellation of stars that can be viewed from every corner of the planet, holding immense qualifications and skills in various fields of study and work.

H.R. International has always been familiar with the depth of Indian talent pool and knew that Indians possess the capability to revolutionize how the world thinks about international manpower industry and open up new corridors of profitable outcomes. To provide Indians the valuable opportunities to excel their professional skills at a global scale, H.R. International has done a commendable job in the course of 13 years, in recruiting Indians for Gulf and Middle-East countries. Such a reputable experience and a long chain of satisfied clients in Gulf countries stand as the testimony of their integrity, competency and quality, granting them the title of the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India.

H.R. International, a trustworthy name in recruitment services.

H.R. International is a more organized form of recruitment consulting services that work closely with the Government of India and the Gulf countries, identifies the real vacancies available for Indian Manpower in foreign nations. The company is authorized by the Ministry of External Affairs of India to freely execute their recruitment operations and, additionally, certified and approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of Indian medical and academic professionals for the vacant positions of Saudi-based hospitals, colleges and universities. The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India and adopted by Indian people as of the Top Recruitment Agencies in India.

H.R. International is a leading domestic/overseas recruitment consultant delivering quality services in international placement, multinational employment and career placement assistance and more Overseas Manpower Agency in India.