DREAM JOB IN MUMBAI – Find By a Consultancy

Hunting a perfect place for your dream job in city of dream Mumbai, taking help from any consultancy firm is not a bad idea. Human Resource Company specialized in the recruitment, placements & consulting areas. H.R. International large database of qualified professionals & candidates, we render best manpower recruitment services to our clients. We follow proper recruitment & placements procedures to shortlist the right & productive candidates for our clients. Being the best job consultancy in Mumbai our motto is to serve the growing human resource needs of organizations to increase productivity and to achieve goals and make them competitive in the corporate world.

We aim to improve an organization’s position or profile by helping to solve problems, manage change and improve efficiency. Although the workload can be heavy, consulting is a sociable profession with plenty of networking opportunities. The work stretches across a variety of areas, including management, strategy, IT, finance, marketing, and HR and supply chain management. The projects you are involved in and the tasks you are given depend on the area you are working on, but general responsibilities include: conducting research, surveys and interviews to gain understanding of the business analyzing statistics detecting issues and investigating ways to resolve them assessing the pros and cons of possible strategies compiling and presenting information orally, visually and in writing making recommendations for improvement, using computer models to test them and presenting findings to client implementing agreed solutions developing and implementing new procedures or training. Our global outreach in India, Nepal, and Middle East and European markets has offered us a benchmark to prove our recruitment expertise and establish our organization as one of the leading recruitment agency in the respective regions. We can competently address all the recruitment and visa processing queries from all over foreign countries out there. We have always delivered talented human resource solutions capable of offering organizational excellence and hold the potential to take the company’s growth graph high through their knowledge and skills.



Process of choosing employees wisely for the organization’s betterment is a job of good recruiter and their team but best recruiting team is not only select right person for right place but work on complete satisfaction of Clients and Candidates through prioritize their demands. Almost every section of business, organizations, work areas and trade is fascinated with the good quality of task and determination towards the work place by the attendants. There are several companies in India who enroll people for many organizations in India & abroad as well.

H.R. International is the organization who proves themselves as a best recruitment agency in India with satisfying tons of clients with their on-time and good quality services and also fulfills the demands of consumers with the help of efficient and goal oriented employees.

H.R. International is an ISO certified company in Manpower Recruitment since 2005 and also have authorization from Minister of External Affairs of India. H.R. International secured a citadel place in deployment for business purpose in some of place in ‘MENA’ (Middle East North Africa) Region and also spread their work towards Poland and established a branch, it’s not the only international branch they also have a branch in Nepal which is considered by Nepalese Job also have branches in some of the Gulf countries, and authorization and approval from Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for enrollment of their vacant place of Medical sector and  Educational experts with Indian Candidates.

As a recruiting company H.R. International build their trust among job seekers to avail them suitable jobs and by giving priorities to candidate’s desired job. There’s a process of recruitment in Sector of Domestic and Overseas recruitment;

  • Identifying the vacant designation in company
  • Analyzing the job which will be offered
  • Make the vacant designation online
  • Search for the good, capable candidate for the post
  • Planning interviews
  • Select deserving attendant for designation
  • At last, make paper work done

These multiple process define the transparency of recruitment process that less the cases of fraud and built assurance and credit towards Recruitment Organization.

Deployed To Europe Countries

As we all know work in foreign countries are a trend in India like a very old culture of India where people migrated from their own nation to foreign countries for work. In old days people make this deployment on their own with the help of those people or friends or relative who are living in foreign countries already as there are very good relations among almost every country and lack of terrorism so, they face fewer restriction and investigation on border or navigation department, but now it become a new business for market area of recruitment companies because of the safety purpose. Nowadays there are a proper group of people, name recruiters, who search and investigate the proper requirement of client then find the correct person or job seeker for the post then analyze the person with multiple test parameters, if the person pass all the process with ample of marks they get selected and deployed to the foreign country with authentic visa and passport on some terms & conditions.

In a crowd of many agencies H.R. International form their name very immediately in very less period of time due to their convincing effort towards their clients and applicants. They always prioritize the requirement and desire of their patron and keep in mind to work upon it. They always succeed in their targeted task by cause of their determination on point.  Manpower Agencies in India for Europe Countries

On a note of immigrating people to Europe Countries for work H.R. International also set a benchmark in it and takes a step ahead with a branch office in Poland to work efficiently from India. The organization’s main motto is to deliver ample of workforce to Europe in term of enrollment and also in the educational sector to Indians living in Europe for best literacy and get job easily in foreign organizations and maintain healthy life style after study in career.

H.R. International was founded in 2005 and emerged as a pioneering ISO marked Overseas/Domestic Recruitment agency with its head office in New Delhi, India, and extended its roots throughout European Nations and Mena regions. Top Recruitment Agency in India


Every recruitment company set a goal to get more talented and capable job seekers for deployed internationally and employed nationally according to their interest or demand. These days an ample of candidates apply for expand themselves to gulf country and application raise the supply of applicant to gulf countries more agile than other countries. Turning heads to gulf countries is not the only aspects that the people of other country want to get employed their but there is one other reason that despite of being a rich country gulf countries have lack of talented manpower that’s why they also demand for work force from other countries thus, more demands increase the rate of supply. As I’m writing about the top recruitment agencies in India for gulf country, I would suggest H.R. International cause of their accelerated journey in this field.

H.R. International is running very rapidly in this race of international recruitment and also has a branch office in some of the Gulf Countries like Dubai, Kuwait and Riyadh. They also has a secured place for deployment in ‘MENA’ (Middle East North Africa) region and satisfy almost 300+ candidates with their best ever recruitment policies. They maintain a strong relationship bond with respectable clients that become a major reason behind success; they always go through the selecting and recruiting process after analyzing the client’s requirement. They also have very sharp and head hunting recruiters in team who search, find and analyze applicant in different parameter of tests, as they are fully aware about the culture and marketing strategies of Gulf Countries. H.R. International also has authorization and approval from Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deployed job seekers from India for the vacant place in Saudi Arabia in sector of Medical and Educational Consultant.

In short period of time H.R. International establish their identity internationally in recruitment field as well as they also create a trustworthy relationship with their clients and candidates by cause of their certainty and authenticity in analyzing enrollment.

Recruitment of Indian Candidates for overseas countries

There are unbelievably countless reasons behind the recent boom in the recruitment industry. The most logical explanation for such an unpredictable hike in global staffing needs is the shortage of talented candidates and the uncompromised quality of services designed to cater this need in the most responsible and result-oriented way. Such advancements to improve industrial workforce has become the ultimate obsession of almost every business, industry, organization or company as the rising competition is not loyal to anyone. To stand higher in the competition, you must prove yourself and your staff worthy of such global appreciation for the profitable outcomes. Now, to improve the overall productivity of any organization, you must understand the strength and weaknesses of your integration with latest technologies, but, more importantly, you must find the best person capable of understanding your business category and its appeal in global competition.

Indian Candidates are the first choice of Gulf-based companies and businesses 

In many countries, businesses are more depended on their overseas recruitment policies as they believe people from abroad are more capable and qualified to bring your business back into the competition due to their academic strength and fluent conversational skills in English language which, in today’s generation, truly is the language of global businesses. So this is beneficial for the company. Let’s take examples of Gulf-based companies, they have all the wealth and luxuries in the world, but they are short of highly educated and talented people, due to the reason, they prefer hiring professionals from countries holding more competitive academic strength and professional skills for the management of their major projects in the field of healthcare, construction, informational technology and several others. Many foreign professionals are hired due to their special skills in a certain field, but the most significant of all the reasons for overseas recruitment is the rising competition and demands in the international market as local businesses are craving for global exposure and establish a reputation worthy of global recognition. Manpower Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

Significance of Overseas recruitment agencies in today’s generation

Honestly speaking, India holds a reputation of second greatest countries in the world in terms of population and rising competition in both academic as well as employment sectors with 80% of its population below the age of 25 and 35. As a result, countless young, worthy, and qualified people are suffering the consequences of redundancy which can only be cured by the job opportunities bursting in foreign countries. Thus, it gave a dominant reason for overseas recruiters to interfere and provide a solution that matches the professional needs of both employers and employees in terms of reliability and stability.

The roles of H.R. International as an Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India

H.R. International as being an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified overseas recruitment is the most dominating Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency holding authorization from the Ministry of External Affairs of India to freely execute their recruitment operations. The company is headquartered in New Delhi comprising branch office in Mumbai and associate offices in almost every major City or State in India making it one of the Top Manpower Agencies in India. Moreover, the company has secured a strong foothold in various countries of “MENA” Regions including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, etc and extended its roots to Poland. Also, Nepalese people have considered our Nepal based office as the Overseas Job Recruitment Agency in Nepal. We are authorized and approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of Indian candidates for vacant positions of medical and academic professionals in Saudi-based hospitals, colleges and universities.

Discover the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India

H.R. International is a reliable executive search and talent consulting brand, headquartered in New Delhi and uniquely positioned as the most resourceful Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency throughout the world with the focus on premier placement services. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified business entity holding authorization from Ministry of External Affairs of India under the leadership of H.R. Group of Companies.

Our company had witnessed year on year growth and employed 300+ personnel who are successfully operating in various Gulf countries including Dubai, which escalated our operational strength and enabled us to be the world leader in the field of manpower consulting and the finest choice of Indian professionals who wish to explore various job opportunities bustling in foreign countries. With 13 years of enthralling experience, we have hired only employees who have chosen recruitment as their professional career and have spent years understanding the ups and downs of the recruitment trade, holding self-belief, confidence, and potential to actively response toward every staffing need of Gulf-based companies. Our recruitment offices comprise a State-of-the-art hiring technique that is equipped to deliver best outcomes for your recruitment needs. We have a sprawling global presence, particularly in Gulf countries with a long-lasting relationship with our global clients.  Manpower Agency in India

Our professional approach as a global recruitment agency is to provide world-class guidance in the overall recruitment process of attracting, selecting and appointing right candidates for suitable profile. Since our inception in 2005, our primary goal is to deliver simple, fast, strong, dynamic, and responsive experience to all our overseas clients in their quest of searching the best possible manpower available. We are globally renowned for timely deployment of services to our valued clients. Our rigorously trained recruiters throughout the world are connected with countless embassies/consulates, government agencies and possess unique negotiation skills and ability to construct positive ideas to take down any legal issues that may appear during the hiring process. By following the same method, they also strive to discover the best manpower available in the most demanding niche skills areas too.

Global Presence and Experiences

Under the leadership of H.R. International, a sister company of H.R. Group of Companies with 25 offices throughout the world and a strong network of local as well as international recruiters, after 13 years of devotion toward procurement of satisfying talents, we have advanced ourselves to hire fresh graduates as well as experienced workers in Indian talent pool and give them a unique opportunity to enjoy the luxuries and lifestyle of foreign nations which made us the Top Manpower Agency in India.

We have developed a strong foothold in countless States and Cities in India including Recruitment Agency in Mumbai, and Overseas Recruitment Agency in Delhi, and a huge global network of associate offices including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Ghana, Poland, Egypt, Khartoum, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Nepal and many more, enabling Indian candidates to easily approach for consultancy and find out the vacancies suitable for them in any of these countries. On the other hand, candidates deployed to these countries can contact our offices and get assistance on urgent matters related to workplace or any legal drawbacks.

What are the challenges of Overseas Manpower Recruitment agency in India?

Overseas jobs are not so easy to obtain as it seems or as many recruitment agencies claim. You need to equip yourself for every challenge related to document attestation, visa processing, interviews, selection policies, and many other exhaustive tasks. That’s why overseas job consultation becomes the last resort for candidates who wish to explore various job opportunities bustling in foreign countries.

Significance of recruitment consultancy

Consultation is a very important factor whether you are seeking for higher education, business formation, jobs, or anything else. Now, overseas job consultation includes various aspects of the overall recruitment process and is all about forging a connection between employer and employees. Candidates need to prepare themselves for everything from academic verification to professional skills and overall personality. Although, the difficulties in getting these jobs have become less exhaustive from the day we met technology as most recruiters prefer to search candidates online and publish the manpower requirement of various companies in their personal websites and collectively in job portals. Also, it is evident that most of the recruiters and recruits rely on these portals rather than surfing newspapers and magazines as barely one-fifth of the job seekers visit recruitment firms.

H.R. International is the finest option for your staffing needs.

H.R. International, as being the finest Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency, have mustered a strong client base with a sprawling network of associate offices in various countries of MENA province as well as reached another milestone in Poland and Nepal. They have access to the countless job vacancies and opportunities sprouting in foreign countries. On the other hand, our automated search methods, database, dedicated recruiters have given us access to the world’s most overwhelming talent pools. Our job is to bridge the gap between foreign countries and companies and people they fancy to hire as the strength of their staff.

Incepted in 2005, we are equipped with 13 years of experience in both domestic and overseas recruitment services in diverse business sectors including healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies.

We are authorized by Ministry of External Affairs of India and Ministry of Health and Education of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of healthcare experts and faculty staff. We mustered a strong client base with numerous foreign companies and offices in different location across countries, provinces and continents.

We are headquartered in New Delhi and branch office in Mumbai which makes us best Overseas Recruitment Agency in Mumbai and international office in Nepal has boosted our reputation at the level of best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Nepal

Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in India and their contributions to boosting Indian careers

H.R. International is a qualified and certified Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency, headquartered in New Delhi, India under the flagship of H.R. group of companies which secured a pioneering position in diverse business sectors. The company was established in 2005, since then, contributed 13 years to successfully deploying 35000 candidates in Middle East MNCs. Our team offer high-quality services and deliver best results in the hiring and recruiting employees in multiple business sectors including healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies.

Accreditation of H.R. International recruitment agency  

H.R. International is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS JAS-ANZ) certified Overseas Recruitment agency, holding authorization of carrying out overseas recruitment operations under the aegis of Ministry of External Affairs of India as one of the Top Manpower Agencies in India. Additionally, the company has successfully achieved the status of being a prominent supplier of talented candidates in the field of medical and education. It is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of Medical professionals, specialists and other medical cadres, and by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the recruitment of the qualified teaching professionals for the vacant positions of Saudi Arabia’s colleges and universities, providing them a unique opportunity to excel their academic sector which also, as usually, happens to be the best option for any Indian to reveal their true potential as an academic instructor at a global scale.    

Team strength

Our team of expert recruiters with years of experience provides comprehensive support to companies and businesses in both public and private sectors which includes executive search, visa processing, documents attestation, scheduling interviews, selection and recruitment of valuable candidates. We guarantee full support in the overall recruitment process of personnel including searching, selecting and appointing. It is our endeavor to support our clients through their current and future manpower challenges. Our operations are focused on finding skilled labor force suitable for current market challenges to serve our clients efficiently, which will improve their productivity rate via escalating their employment strength and enhancing the quality of their human resources.

Global Presence              

Our global strength is beyond words with multiple offices in Gulf countries located in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and many more. Our Kathmandu based office is one of the best Overseas Manpower recruitment Agency in Nepal and achieved another milestone in Poland. Our recruiting operations include various steps to ensure the quality of candidates like Executive search, selection, hiring, assessment, and skill tests. We hire only candidates with high and professional qualification and experience in particular industry. Our knowledge and high standards of ethical business practice carried out under executive search operations are capable of delivering efficient workers from the wide range of high-level executives to a more diverse set of specialists and sensitive business positions.

Learn how H.R. International is one of the Top Recruitment agencies in India.

We are one of the leading globally recognized Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Delhi, having strong presence in many Gulf countries. We have a Team of Technical and highly skilled staff for the recruitment of right candidates for the right profile. We have since 2005 have excelled in many prominent, technical hiring for giant Industries throughout the globe.

Global Presence

With our presence in Gulf Region with offices located in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, we have managed a pioneering position in providing recruitment assistance in diverse business sectors. Also, we have reached another Milestone in Poland with H.R. International Europe. These places made the client to easily approach for the consultancy and discussion on manpower requirements and other bilateral matters. It is convenient for us to facilitate the employer for any urgent requirements or quotation and personnel meeting regarding any Project execution.


Since our inception in 2005 in the commercial heart of India and associate offices in almost every major city in India including Mumbai, we have mustered a strong talent pool with our executive search and recruitment services and in the course of 13 years, we have now emerged as one of the most trustworthy Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agency in Delhi. Our international valued clients have praised our recruitment services as the finest blend of dedication, commitment and expertise. They stand as the testimony of our experience and competencies in providing qualified workers in both blue collar and white collar categories for diverse business cultures like healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies.

H.R. Group of Companies

H.R. International, as being one of the best Overseas Manpower Recruitment Agencies in Delhi, is owned by the parent organization, globally reputed by the name of H.R. Group of Companies, a reputed organization who secured a pioneering position in the most economically boosted business sectors including healthcare, Tour and travels, IT and Software solution, Construction and contracting, CAD Software Training and technical training of blue collar candidates.

We have established a reputation for being one of the Top Manpower Agencies in India and associate offices in almost every major city in India. Headquartered in Delhi and comprising a reputable presence in Mumbai, we stand as one of the best Recruitment agencies in Delhi and Mumbai.

What you seek is what you get with H.R. International

We are delighted to inform you about H.R. International, a technically skilled as well as licensed overseas manpower recruitment agency comprising a dedicated team of global talent hunters who deals in Executive search and manpower services throughout the world. Founded in 2005, under the regime of H.R. Group of companies, a business enterprise who managed a pioneering position in diverse business sectors. We are authorized as a qualified recruitment consultant by the Ministry of External Affairs of India (MEA). Over the years, we followed the footsteps of latest recruitment practices like systematic analysis of your manpower needs to identify the candidates who fit your eligibility criteria. We primarily operate on domestic as well as multinational standards to emerge as a leading recruitment brand globally. On the path to accomplishing this mission, we have successfully concreted our feet in Gulf countries and constantly pushing forward in the same direction to spread across the European countries as well. Our core values are centrally focused on two major factors of recruitment services, developing careers and developing businesses. Our recruitment services incorporate searching, recruiting, consulting, conducting interviews, background evaluation, issuing call letters, visa processing, and basic standard training to generate confident. We recruit for various industry sectors from plumbing, sanitation to executive managers, financial heads, etc and helped shape the career of over 35000 candidates.

Global Presence

We strive to hunt down job opportunities for those who have been struggling due to unemployment and trapped in odd jobs with limited salaries in the absence of any future development policies. Our primary goal is to build a network through which they can affordably access valuable information regarding vacancies in both domestic as well as international market.

We have successfully deployed over 35000 young talents throughout the Middle-East as well as Gulf Countries for their business industry needs. Our DUBAI office is the initiative of H.R. Group of Company’s grand scheme to expand our organizational network and to have an international presence in Dubai. Our experience and satisfied clients stand as the testimony of our competencies and values as one of the top manpower agencies in India.

International Offices

We have 300 skilled head hunters spread all over the globe and our vast global network comprises 25 offices including Dubai (UAE), Riyadh and Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Sohar City (Oman), Kathmandu (Nepal), Warszawa (Poland), Kuwait (UAE). Our associate partners are stationed at Accra (Ghana), Krakow (Poland), Giza (Egypt), Khartoum (Sudan), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Doha (Qatar), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Jakarta (Indonesia), Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam), Manila (Philippines), Mumbai, New Delhi (India) and Kathmandu (Nepal) as well.

Our organizational philosophy includes being innovative, respectful, responsible, honest, qualified, which is essential for the energetic expansion of the organization and have effectively proven best solutions in establishing our reputation as the finest overseas manpower recruitment agency in Delhi.

H.R. International was born in 2005 and emerged as a pioneering ISO marked Overseas/Domestic Recruitment agency with its head office in New Delhi, India, and extended its roots throughout European Nations and Mena regions. Overseas Manpower Consultants